Sunday, 9 June 2013

Granny Star Baby Shawl

At the beginning of the week I finished my granny star baby shawl, and I love it! I started this shawl at the beginning of May after I seen a granny star pin on Pinterest, and I thought it would be stunning as a baby shawl. I gave it to my work colleague during the week after I blocked it, and she adores it. It is the greatest feeling when you give someone something you have made and you see how much they like your work.

I tried out the picot edging for the first time, and I think it really suits this shawl. From point to point it measures approximately 46 inches! And I lost count how many balls of yarn I used for this as it just seemed to eat them away!

Now that I have finished this shawl, I only have one main crochet on the go which is the baby blanket for my future nephew. I plan to blog about it on Tuesday for my One A Day as I didn't post this week about it, I now have two weeks progress to show off!

Oh! I also got to go to Edinburgh Zoo on Monday and it was fantastic! My sister wanted to take my nephew Zak to see all the different animals, and I think he was most fascinated with the meerkats as he sees them on TV a lot! They are very cute, and a lot smaller than I imagined them to be. 

We also got tickets to see the pandas, and both Tian Tian (female) and Yang Guang (male) were both snoozing away when we got to the panda section. Although they are used to sleeping up to 16 hours a day, which is very similar to cats I think. On this occasion we were lucky as Tian Tian woke up and decided to have a leisurely stroll around her play area, she is beautiful!

Well that is all the news I have for for you today, and I hope you all have had a good weekend!

Take care!

Hazel x


  1. ooh that shawl is so lovely.
    The picot edging makes it really special.

  2. the shawl looks pretty! the colour white qoestions me?

  3. Your shawl turned out just perfect, well done, it's beautiful.
    Have a great week, xx

  4. The picot edging is perfect for that shawl, really finishes it off beautifully.

    So jealous of you being able to see the pandas!

  5. Your shawl is lovely and the picot edging is perfect. I love picots on everything, even though they are so time consuming to make ;) xoxo

  6. The baby shawl is fantastic, Hazel. This will make a terrific gift. I like the look of it and the picot edgning is awesome.
    Your zoo is lovely. What great space it has for each animal. I love pandas. We don't have any here in SF. The meerkats are so trippy. And how cute the penguins have those little umbrellas to chill under.

  7. I really like the picot edging on the baby shawl.

  8. I really like the shawl, it's beautiful.
    M x

  9. Such tiny tiny stitches, the star looks beautiful. I am on hexagons at the moment. Jo x

  10. I love the star! The single color and the smaller scale really are gorgeous! What size hook & yarn did you use?

  11. Absolutely beautiful. Lucky baby. The picot edging turned out fab. xoxox


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