Friday, 26 July 2013

Fingerless Mittens

Last week I decided that I wanted to make a pair of mittens (never made them before), even though it was very warm here in Scotland. I tried hooking a pattern that was in a book but I decided it didn't agree with me, after trying it several times it just didn't feel right! I went for a browse through both Pinterest and Ravelry, hoping to find a pattern that grabbed my interest. Which led me to find this pattern, as I wanted to make a pair with thumbs! They looked quite simple to do, since they were mostly hooked in half-trebles with a bit of front post trebles for the ribbed effect.

Pattern Link: Sketching Gloves

However I wasn't successful first time, after making the mistake to follow the pattern using DK yarn when they ask for sport yarn (which I didn't have). I really wanted to use a particular DK I have by phildar called Impact 3.5, so I altered the pattern to suit the weight of DK so I didn't end up with a massive pair of fingerless gloves. The first glove was a bit of trial and error with a combination of crocheting, trying it on followed with ripping it back out until I got a desired result. The second glove was a lot quicker as I used the first glove as reference, since I never made any notes of the stitches I made! Regardless of this I managed to crochet the second glove with no problems and it appears to be identical to the first one wooo!

Pattern LinkSketching Gloves
Hook: 4mm
Model: My Andy

So there you have it, my very first ever crochet fingerless mittens!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Loving Colours

It has been a little while since I have shown you all the projects I have got on the go, as I had been mainly focusing on my nephew's patched baby blanket. Although speaking of my nephew, he was due to be born late September but he arrived on Sunday morning! He is only 1.59 kg and is in a little incubation tank, but otherwise he is healthy for only being 31 weeks along in the pregnancy! The nurse said that if all is well, he will come out of the incubation tank when he weighs 1.9 kg. He is not expected to leave the hospital for another 6 weeks, which makes sense since he should still be inside mummy's tummy right now! So I will keep you posted on him whenever I get any updates, and hopefully a little cute photograph too. Oh and his name is John, named after his daddy and his papa! 

Back to the topic of crochet! My WIPs...

A new project that I have started this week, it is a granny stripe scarf that I making from my new Stylecraft Special DK stash. I have been making a lot of blankets, and a lot of squares recently so I wanted a little bit of a change! I am thinking a pink and purple scarf for this winter, and maybe a hat to match.

I've had this granny square blanket going on for a while, although its been on the back burner due to a lack of bright coloured stash. It is now back on the front burner since I have my new colourful stash, and I am loving every minute of making this one!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you some pompoms, and mentioned that I was going to make a rug with them. It is a fun project but a very time consuming one as I am making the pompoms by hand and having to attach them all individually to the jute canvas, and I am considering getting some of those pompom makers in different sizes to speed the process up a little.

That is all from me for now.

Take care!

Hazel x

Friday, 5 July 2013

Patched Baby Blanket

My nephew's patched baby blanket is all finished! This has been a great stash buster using colours I don't normally tend to use, and were left overs of the Lucy Pack that I bought at the end of 2011, yes I have had this yarn that long!
It has taken me two months to complete, although I had plenty of time as my nephew is due to be born in September. The only thing I need to do now is block it and get it wrapped up, ready to give to my brother on Sunday when I visit my family. 

I have crocheted 42 squares and joined them together with white in the joining as I go method, simply because I can't stand sewing things together! The border is just a simple treble crochet finish in white with a blue overlay crochet chain. There was a debate on whether to add a white or blue picot edging to the border but I decided to go without the edging and keep it simple. I can't wait for Sunday so I can give it away, I hope they like it and that it will be very good for my nephew.

Tonight I am just enjoying some crochet, wine and tennis as I have just finished two weeks of night shift. It will be good to relax with my feet up while watching Wimbledon!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Hazel x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finishing Touches

Recently I have just been finishing up the granny square baby blanket that I have been crocheting, which entailed sewing in the ends of these squares and joining them on. 

After joining these onto the rest of the blanket, I was set do crochet the border! Here is a sneak peek as I am hoping to get it finished this week, so I will have a finished blanket to show you on Friday! Woo!

This week I also decided to treat myself for being very good at 'stash busting' my stash, by buying myself more yarn! I selected my own Stylecraft DK colours, instead of opting for the Lucy/Attic24 pack colours which are lovely but it has far too many cold colours in it. I am short of two colours, however I will order them when they are back in stock. What do you think? Could you tell it is a Hazel's Crochet pack? 

This is to give you a better look of the colours I have which are indicated with the black dots since my photograph quality is terrible, and the two that I have still to get. These colours make me so happy!

Better go, dinner is currently cooking!

Take Care

Hazel x


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