Friday, 26 July 2013

Fingerless Mittens

Last week I decided that I wanted to make a pair of mittens (never made them before), even though it was very warm here in Scotland. I tried hooking a pattern that was in a book but I decided it didn't agree with me, after trying it several times it just didn't feel right! I went for a browse through both Pinterest and Ravelry, hoping to find a pattern that grabbed my interest. Which led me to find this pattern, as I wanted to make a pair with thumbs! They looked quite simple to do, since they were mostly hooked in half-trebles with a bit of front post trebles for the ribbed effect.

Pattern Link: Sketching Gloves

However I wasn't successful first time, after making the mistake to follow the pattern using DK yarn when they ask for sport yarn (which I didn't have). I really wanted to use a particular DK I have by phildar called Impact 3.5, so I altered the pattern to suit the weight of DK so I didn't end up with a massive pair of fingerless gloves. The first glove was a bit of trial and error with a combination of crocheting, trying it on followed with ripping it back out until I got a desired result. The second glove was a lot quicker as I used the first glove as reference, since I never made any notes of the stitches I made! Regardless of this I managed to crochet the second glove with no problems and it appears to be identical to the first one wooo!

Pattern LinkSketching Gloves
Hook: 4mm
Model: My Andy

So there you have it, my very first ever crochet fingerless mittens!


  1. These are really lovely. The yarn you used is so nice.
    M x

  2. These look terrific, Hazel. The color's fabulous. The texture is wonderful.

  3. These are super cute, love the colour too. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
    Clare x


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