Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finishing Touches

Recently I have just been finishing up the granny square baby blanket that I have been crocheting, which entailed sewing in the ends of these squares and joining them on. 

After joining these onto the rest of the blanket, I was set do crochet the border! Here is a sneak peek as I am hoping to get it finished this week, so I will have a finished blanket to show you on Friday! Woo!

This week I also decided to treat myself for being very good at 'stash busting' my stash, by buying myself more yarn! I selected my own Stylecraft DK colours, instead of opting for the Lucy/Attic24 pack colours which are lovely but it has far too many cold colours in it. I am short of two colours, however I will order them when they are back in stock. What do you think? Could you tell it is a Hazel's Crochet pack? 

This is to give you a better look of the colours I have which are indicated with the black dots since my photograph quality is terrible, and the two that I have still to get. These colours make me so happy!

Better go, dinner is currently cooking!

Take Care

Hazel x


  1. I love your new colours, I've been stocking up on Special DK too adding a few more colours for my Summerhouse granny bunting and maybe a ripple cushion. Your blanket looks lovely, the colours are great looking forward to seeing it when it's finished


  2. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  3. What gorgeous colors Hazel. I can't wait to see your finished blanket too... looks so pretty! Hazel x

  4. Your blanket is looking great, looking forward to seeing the finished article. Your new yarn is lovely too, great colours.
    M x

  5. very pretty, looks soft and snuggly :)

  6. Loving your new colours. I'm getting yarn envy, lol.
    Sally x

  7. Your blanket is looking really fine, hope to see it complete very soon!

  8. It's looking very pretty, looking forward to the finished photos :)

  9. Those colours are oh-so-YOU! Your little nephew is going to LOVE his blankie - it's gorgeous. Looking forward to the big reveal!
    Happy weekend - hope the sun shines :-)

  10. Is that Style Craft cotton or wool? And you hooked a granny border around each square and then whipstitched them together? One of these days I will be hooking a tradtional Granny blanket. You are an inspiration.


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