Friday, 30 August 2013

Happy Plants!

At the weekend I got really frustrated with my kitchen, and the lack of love we give it as it seemed to be a cluttered mess all the time and a place I tend to avoid! Around midnight one night, I went on a de-clutter cleaning frenzy with it and have vowed to keep it clean (that includes the mister as well).

Another thing in the kitchen that was lacking love was one of my plants, as you can see it is not very bright as it sits in amongst its colourful friends. On Monday morning I decided to make it happy by crocheting a little striped cosy jacket for it. I used stylecraft special DK to make the jacket, and a 3.5mm hook so that it didn't look holey when it stretched over the plant pot.

I love looking at my kitchen window sill and seeing how happy it looks with its friends now, if not even more cheerful! I am also currently working on another cosy for something in my kitchen but it should be a really quick one, and it will have similar colours to my little plant I will show you when it is finished!! I could very easily crochet cosies for many things, but I promise not to go crazy!

Linking this post in with FO Friday over at Tami's, go and check other FOs!

Take care!

Hazel x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Rainbow Sneak Peek!

Remember the yarn I blogged about the other week, the lovely rainbow yarn shown in this post. Well I have used some of it in a project, the only thing is...I can't tell you what it is or show you what it is as it is a secret FO.

But! I can show you a little sneak peek!

Don't these colours look awesome, I really love them!!

I have half of the rainbow skein left to use for another potential project, but I am still looking for a pattern or idea that I can use it for! And it will be one that I can show off too!

Hope your week is going well, only two more days until the weekend hurray!

Take care!

Hazel x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Crocheting Behind the Scene

Lately I have been working on a lot of behind the scene projects that I can't share with you, I currently have four projects on the go at the moment and I can only show you the progress of my Sunny Daze Flower project. Which I am falling in love with more and more every day!

The other three projects consist of, pattern testing for acreativebeing, a birthday gift for my big sister Lisa as her birthday is very soon, and a Christmas gifts for one of my friends. Oh yes I mentioned Christmas, mainly because this year I won't be able to afford to buy Christmas gifts for many people due to having such a big family and lots of friends. I decided that I will try and make a hat and scarf for everyone's Christmas, so that means I have to start now. I know they are only simple gifts, but they will be handmade by me and it will be fantastic for stash busting!!

Since I couldn't show you much else, I took a wee quick photograph of Jess to show you how big she has become since we took her in nearly a year ago. As you can see she is definitely a contented cat with us, and is a lady of laziness and leisure!

Also, as you can see I decided to give my blog a bit of colour as I felt the grey polka dots were a bit too you like the change?

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

Take care!

Hazel x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sunny Daze Flower

A few weeks ago I bought a pattern because I fell in love with design and then I found out it was Tunisian Crochet. I have never tried Tunisian crochet before, even though I have always found it fascinating and a pretty texture. I guess this an opportunity for me to learn how to do it, as I really wanted my own Sunny Daze blanket! 

This is my progress from the past few days, and I am absolutely head over heels in love with it! The colours are very similar to the pattern colours, as I didn't want it to be any different. 

I got a 4mm Tunisian crochet hook (my favourite size of course!), and for those of you that have never seen one. It looks like a crochet hook at the end of a knitting needle. It is nothing like knitting though, just like a funkier way of crochet!

Here I thought I'd give you a close look at the stitches on my crochet hook at the moment, which I know looks like knitting but it is definitely not. When I am crocheting this blanket, the number of stitches on my hook increase by one with every round I do, so I will be curious to see how this will look later on.

Finding this pattern has really opened my eyes to the idea of Tunisian crochet, and I am tempted to find more patterns in the Tunisian crochet style! Have you ever tried it, or thought of trying it?

I am going to link this in with Tami's blog, head over there to see other WIPs

Take care

Hazel x

Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy Yarn Day

Today I received the BEST yarn ever in the mail, as it has all the colours of the rainbow in it! It is Kauni Artistic Rainbow pencil roving and it is very soft to touch (and cuddle!). I have been wanting to buy a rainbow gradient yarn for while now, and decided to treat myself to some! 

My only dilemma, is that it is so beautiful that I don't know what to make with it! Can you suggest any crochet pattern/items that I should hook up wit this beautiful yarn? I really appreciate any suggestions!

Additional note - this is chunky pencil roving and the whole ball weighs 268g to give you an idea of how big it is.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Take care,

Hazel x


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