Friday, 20 September 2013

A Long Week

It has been a rather long week for me, I start this post on a rather sad note as last Saturday morning my nana passed away. Her funeral was yesterday morning, and I was really moved to see a lot of people turn up for the ceremony.....although we do have a big family (I have 20 cousins!). She had a burial, which wasn't particularly enjoyable as it was pouring down from the heavens as we all stood around her plot, but again we had the comfort of all the family around us. 

We had a tea and sandwich gathering at a bowling club afterwards, which was mainly family with a few close friends. Having a cup of coffee and sandwich was a little bit soothing after being in the rain most of the morning. I even got plenty of family hugs, although I made sure to give my papa a big hug! Out of everyone, it is him that I worry about the most. My nana and papa were together for around 60 years, and now he has lost her which makes my heart really ache for him. However, my younger cousin who lives near him said that she spends the evenings with him and that my uncles do too so this eased my mind a bit. 

In the afternoon, I decided that I should say my goodbyes as I wasn't really in the mood to socialise for much longer. With all the family that I had, I think it took me over an hour to say goodbye to them all! I really do love my family, even if we do have the odd troublesome member.....we really do all stick by each other in the hard times.

Onto a more cheerful note, I still have been crocheting...of course! I have started another stash buster, with some manly colours that I have in my collection. They have been in my box for over a year, and now I have decided to throw them together in a granny square blanket and I plan crocheting this until all the colours run out! It's officially named 'The Man Blanket'.

I am also still working on my chunky ripple blanket, although with the evenings getting colder...its not crocheting up quick enough! It covers my toes up to my knees so far, and I want to be long enough to go right up to my hips. I am doing most of it in dark grey as I didn't want all of it to be striped, so I will crochet in grey then finish it up with some red then some light grey.

Hope you are all keeping well,

Take care.

Hazel x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Teapot mat and cup coasters

I am so happy that I can finally show you this set! I made these for my sister as it was her birthday last month. My sister really loves her teapots and cups of tea, so I thought it would be ideal to make a teapot mat and 4 cup coasters to go with it! I made them with her favourite colours mustard and grey, and she loves them!

Pattern : I improvised it myself with some inspiration from pinterest.
Yarn: Drops Paris (Mustard and Dark Grey)
Hook : 5mm

It is so good not to have to keep them a secret anymore since I gave her them last weekend! I am tempted to make some of these for myself around the house to use up the Drops Paris stash that I have. 

Take care!

Hazel x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Getting Ready For Winter

Have you noticed that it is getting colder in the mornings and in the evening? Where I live in Scotland seems to be getting colder and my colourful blankets aren't keeping me warm enough in the evening when I am at the computer or watching the TV. This left me wanting a chunkier blanket to snuggle under, and I had chunky light grey and dark red yarn in my stash that gave me the idea for a winter-ish blanket. I have always liked the colours that you see in some fairisle patterned jumpers which can have a lovely red, light grey and dark grey colour theme in them. Already having two of these colours, I managed to pick up a ball of dark grey yarn on my way home from work on Monday. 

Later that evening once I settled down after having dinner, I managed to get my newest WIP started!! Usually when I make blankets they are in some form of granny pattern, which I decided are not suitable for a snuggly warm blanket. Keeping it simple but not too boring I decided to try out the ripple pattern, which I have never done before (other than a little bit of dabbling and messing around). I like the ripple pattern, its pretty simple but keeps you interested enough with the decreases and increases in each row.

I can't wait to get it finished so that I can use it to cosy under for the chilly evenings we have ahead of us! Are you getting ready for winter yet?


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