Friday, 18 October 2013

Minecraft Creeper Cushion

I made this cushion last Christmas for my friend, and was really tight on the deadline to make it that I never got to take a photograph of it. It is probably the most geeky thing I have ever made but I think it looks awesome. For you that don't know the reference, Minecraft is a game placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. There are monsters in this game such as creepers, zombies and this cushion is based from a creeper. 

I think it was an excellent stash buster as well as it used up all the different green yarns that I somehow acquired last year. Definitely one of my favourite FOs! 

Want to see more FOs, check out Tamis Amis blog!


  1. That is absolute genius! I just may have to bump my other WIPs to make one for my eldest, she's quite the Minecraft player. You are so clever! Chrissie x

  2. I'm not familiar with mine craft but I have to say that your cushion looks fabulous!
    Marianne x

  3. A stash-busting win! Don't you love using up the bits?

  4. That is such a cool present, it looks great.
    Sally xxx

  5. Brilliant, I think crochet really lends itself to geekiness! What a fab gift.

  6. Great idea, I know my nephew would love it.
    Clare x

  7. My youngest is getting her creeper hat tonight and my 12 year old daughter is on minecraft right now. I have a feeling if I showed them this I would be making versions of it LOL

  8. It's AMAZING! Mhairi's wee niece loves MInecraft I might have to steal your pattern. ALSO you could do a whole minecraft granny square blanket!!!

    1. Its easy enough, as long as you have white, black and several shades of green its very easy to make. A minecraft blanket sounds awesome, though it may take a while and I would totally have to draw a chart for it :)

  9. It looks fab!!!! I bet your friend loved it. X

  10. Great idea my son would love it. I knitted him a Creeper hat last week.


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