Friday, 25 October 2013

Ta-dah! My Little Squares Cushion!

My cushion is all finished! When I mentioned on Wednesday that I really hoped to have it finished for today, I have been determined to get it completed. I am quite pleased as I only started this project two weeks ago and now it sits proudly on my couch! Unfortunately my lovely camera is dead and I haven't a clue where the battery charger is for it, so I have had to make do with taking the photographs on my phone camera. 

I started making the back of the cushion first, after I decided I wanted to make more things to make my living room more cosy. I think it took me just under a week to make the back before I decided what I wanted to make for the front of the cushion.

After a bit of searching around on pinterest and ravelry, one day I was finally inspired by Attic24's Little Squares Cushion and wanted make the front of my cushion something similar to what Lucy has made for her cushions. I have even used my special stylecraft dk stash to make this cushion, using nearly all the colours that I own. I crocheted both of the cushion sides together with purple yarn, and just crocheted the cushion pad in.

That's my cushion at home on my couch, along with my other crochet cushions. I think the couch is the most cosiest part of the whole living room and I love how colourful it all is with my hexagon blanket too! Speaking of hexagon blankets, I will now have undivided attention to make more hexagons for my newest blanket project!! Yay!

If you want to see who else has FOs to show off today, check out Tamis Amis blog!

Take care and have a good weekend!

Hazel x


  1. It's gorgeous! Your couch looks wonderfully cosy

    1. Thank you!! I just want to make the rest of my living room just as cosy!

  2. Your latest cushion looks right at home on that beautiful crochet-laden couch! I love all the bright little squares, congrats on a super-speedy FO! (I am also totally admiring those other cushion, too...and that blanket!) Chrissie x

  3. your sofa looks so very inviting I want to sit there with tea and a crochet hook. Well done it looks wonderful

  4. I love your little squares cushion! It is so bright and cheery. Your sofa looks so cosy with all your lovely crochet makes.
    Marianne x

  5. I love your new addition to your sofa, it fits right in with your other crochet. It looks a very inviting sofa to sit and relax on.
    Sally xxx

  6. It looks so cosy, I love cushions with crochet covers, maybe you should crochet a clock next :) xx

  7. I'm so pleased you managed to meet your goal of getting it finished this week. Can't wait to see your blanket take shape.

  8. How gorgeous, it looks perfectly at home with all your other pretties on your couch xox Penny

  9. Love the colors! Very pretty :)

  10. Now that's some awesome crochet decor!

  11. Lovely! Great colours :) My camera has died on me too....I charged the batteries.......twice and it's still not working so I'm using my phone camera too for the time being. Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  12. What a great make. I know you love a hat so pop over to my blog to see my free hat pattern published this week, hope you enjoy. Jo x


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