Saturday, 23 November 2013

Funky Stitch Scarf

I have been requested to write a pattern for the scarf that I had recently been making, as far as I am aware this scarf is made using the moss stitch and I think it can also be called woven stitch as well. Anyway I shall get on with the pattern now!

For this scarf I used

Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Chunky in Light Grey Mix
Kauni Estonian Artistic pre-yarn in Rainbow colour
6mm crochet hook

I have written this pattern in UK terms.

Foundation Chain: Using the light grey yarn, crochet to desired length as long as it is multiple of 3 plus an extra 2 chain at the end of your desired length (I think I hooked a 300 ch length, plus the extra 2 ch which gave me a total length of 302 ch).

Row 1: skip 1st 2 ch, dc in 3rd ch from hook. Then *ch 1, sk 1, dc in next ch, repeat instructions from * to end the of row, working dc in the last chain. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 2, dc in first ch space, ch 1, * dc in next ch 1 space, ch 1, repeat from * to end of row. Turn.

Row 3: Changing to the rainbow yarn....Ch 2, 2 dc in first ch space, ch 1 *2 dc in next ch1 space, ch 1, repeat from * to end of row. Turn.

Row 4 – 5: In light grey, repeat as Row 2

Row 6 : In rainbow, repeat as Row 3

Row 7-8: In light grey, repeat as Row 2

Row 9: In rainbow, repeat as Row 3

Row 10-11: In light grey, repeat as Row 2

Row 12: In rainbow, repeat as Row 3

Row 13-14: In light grey, repeat as Row 2

My scarf is only 14 rows wide but if you prefer to have a wider scarf, you just repeat the pattern as you can see above....row 2, row 2, row 3, row 2, row 2, row 3, row 2, row 2. Once you have your desired scarf size, then you can weave in all of your ends to tidy the scarf up!

NB: The reason for the 2 dc in 'row 3s' of this scarf, is because the rainbow yarn is a little bit thinner than the chunky yarn I used so if you want to do something similar I would recommend using a lighter weight yarn where I have used the rainbow yarn. Or if you want to stick to using chunky weight yarn for row 3s then just do a single dc instead of 2 dc....if that makes sense? 

Well my pattern skills aren't totally awesome but I hope that makes sense to you all....if you spot any errors, just leave me a comment and I will fix it! Thank you!

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Hazel x


  1. Fabulous, thank you so much for sharing the pattern! I'm going to look at my stash and get started...Chrissie x

    1. No problem! Hope its written well enough!! Can't wait to see your results x

  2. LOVE Kauni and yay for a gorgeous pattern! :D

    1. Thank you Sarah, and I totally love Kauni as well..its beautiful yarn!

  3. Oh wow, that is such a pretty scarf! I love the colors you used.

  4. Terrific scarf! I like how it represents you - the infusion of color and the unique stitch. I Pinned this post.

  5. Well done you it look lovely
    Hugs Sue x

  6. It's fab thanks for sharing the pattern
    Clare x

  7. very beautiful scarf! I love all the colors. It looks amazing :)

  8. Love the scarf Hazel,thankyou for sharing your pattern,I'd love to have a go at this one :) xxx

  9. That is such a gorgeous scarf Hazel, really lovely. And thank you for sharing your pattern.
    Marianne x

  10. That is beautiful and thank you for sharing the pattern :)

  11. Hi Hazel, I've tried to comment on this post every day since you posted and they're not showing. Hope this one gets through! Loving this scarf! I'm a beginner just teaching myself the different stitches at the moment doing little swatches. Do you think this would make a good first project? How many balls of each of the two colours would I need?


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