Monday, 30 December 2013

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014

I have been inspired to start a new blanket in 2014, a mood blanket. For me it will be a blanket that is made of granny squares, made of colours that represent your mood in that particular moment. The idea is from a fellow instagramer mummy_stacey.
The project can be either made up of one square a week which would give you a small blanket of 52 squares, or one square a day which would give you a bigger blanket of 365 squares. I think I will choose the 52 squares challenge, as I have already got a lot of WIPs on the go already and this would make one square a day really overwhelming (as much as I would love to make a big mood blanket).

I have chosen some provisional colours for some moods, and I may have to add as I go through the year as I know I may feel more emotions than the ones I have currently got here. I also decided there is no point choosing colours I don't like to represent the more 'negative' moods and emotions, plus I think bold colours represent some of the emotions I have and same with having brighter colours for my more relaxed contented emotions.


This is from mummy_stacey instagram, with 'THE RULES' since she is the one hosting it.

So, really the only rule is that you crochet/knit a square or stripe everyday (or once a week if that suits you better) in 2014 using a colour that you feel reflects your mood. The colour choices are totally up to you! I think it's important that you use colours that you like so that it doesn't get boring. Plus you'll want a blanket you'd like to keep after all that hard work!! The amount of rounds is up to you! I think I'm going to do 4 rounds as I think I'll find that manageable! Most people doing the 365 are doing 4/5, the 52 people are doing more rounds so they get a big blanket too

I am going to post every Tuesday with my progress, I will have one square to show you every week and I will be joining as I go! I will be really interested in seeing the colours that will pop up on my blanket by the end of the year!

If you are on Instagram and you think this is a cool idea and want to join in, pop by mummy_stacey's Instagram! Since I don't think she is on blogger, I am going to see about posting a Mr. Linky on my weekly Tuesday posts. Does anyone think this is a good idea, would you will be a pretty big CAL/KAL!!

Last note, on Instagram Stacey has 312 people saying that they want to participate so far, isn't that insane?!!

That's all for now!

Take care,

Hazel x

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Hooky Joys of 2013

Hello lovelies, 

Hope you have all been enjoying Christmas time, and are all looking forward to the new year! It's that time of year where we all look back and reflect on things we did through the year. I had a good browse through my photograph folder and was surprised at all the things I have made in 2013!! Although not very surprised at all the rainbow-ness ha ha, I love my rainbow happy! I am still amused at the amount of scarves I made toward the end of this year, but they are a joy to make.

So there we have it.....a big collage of all my hooky pleasures of 2013!

I hope that yours will be the same.

All the best for 2014!

Hazel x

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Scarf Madness

This year for Christmas I decided to make a few scarves as presents, and I am going to show you them all today since I don't have the patience to show you them individually every Friday! A few scarves I made didn't actually become presents, but I didn't show you them just in case they became emergency presents. 

The grey scarf and hat were made for my sister, I really loved the pattern in the scarf as its made up of lace clusters and the hat is simple as it is made with trebles and half trebles. The rainbow gradient scarf I made for one of my close friends is just a quick simple granny stripe, which looks totally amazing!! The dark red scarf which for my brother-in-law is made with half trebles which I worked into the back loop in every row to get the ridged texture.

I still have these three at home and I am not totally sure what to do with them he he, I would keep them for myself but I have far too many scarves already!! Although the cowl I am not too sure about, its made with Patons Ultra Denim which is quite soft and it's long enough to double up. 

Total scarf madness! Think it is time to switch back to blankets for another 9 months.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!

Take care,

Hazel x

Monday, 16 December 2013

A Little Festive Break

Hello lovelies!

I have finally finished all my crochet Christmas gifts! It is such a good feeling to have them done and still have over a week to Christmas! Not too bad eh? Though I have decided that I may take a little break from my blog for the Christmas holidays, I may pop on every now and then to read some blogs. However before I go, I will share a few festive that shows my love of wrapping Christmas gifts! This year I have decided to go for brown paper with pom poms for all the adult people I am giving gifts to, and giving normal wrapping paper to the children! I got the pom pom idea from a lovely blog Foxs Lane, the link is to a post that she wrote on using pom poms for gift decoration!! 

Don't they look gorgeous?!

You can even have a bit of fun with colours too!

I received these lovely doily decorated gifts from my sister This Girl Is... yesterday when we met for lunch and present swapping, and we also went to see her friend in a lovely Christmas Choir that was performed by Glasgow Arches Community Choir.

I couldn't resist taking a little festive photo of Jess sitting in front of the Christmas Tree!!

I only have two more nights to do at work and then I am off for TWO weeks! In which I plan to be merry, eat and drink! I promised to do a bit of cleaning in between all that as well!!

Hope you all enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Hazel x

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bloomin' CAL....Boob Beanie

I still giggle at the fact I have made this, a boob beanie for an adult! 

I got the inspiration on how to make this hat from different boob beanie patterns on the internet that are designed for babies! 

You are probably wondering why on earth I would crochet something like this, well my work colleague asked me to make this a few months back, although I put it off mainly as I could never find a nice pink colour the nipple and areola. I settled on using King Coles Big Value Chunky in a dusky pink colour, and got cream for the skin part of the beanie. 

It is a fairly easy hat to make, the beanie is mainly hooked in trebles apart from the nipple which is made with double crochet.

My work colleague was completed awed at what I made, which is always a good feeling when you make things for other people.

Things certainly don't get boring in the land of crafts, do they?

I am joining in on the Bloomin' CAL with Chrissie Crafts and Ladybird Diaries, so check out their pages for more projects on the Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long

That is all from me for now!

Take care!

Hazel x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Festive Giveaway Winner

Yesterday my festive giveaway ended and this morning I picked a winner!

The lucky person who gets to treasure this lovely craft book is Loopsan!

Congratulations San! I will contact you today about getting it delivered to you as soon as possible!

Thank you to all of you that entered this little giveaway!

Take care,

Hazel x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bloomin' CAL.....Love Love Love!!


It's a short post from me this week as I am suffering terribly from a cold and just want to snuggle up and be very lazy since I am just in from work.

Though I definitely HAD to show you the rainbow gradient scarf this week, I totally love love love it! It is such a shame its not mine. But.......I will make another!

Totally in love with it! (can you tell?)

I am joining in on the Bloomin' CAL with Chrissie Crafts and Ladybird Diaries, so check out their pages for more projects on the Bloomin' Crochet-A-Long

Lastly before I festive giveaway ends tomorrow! I am giving away a Mollie Makes Christmas are still in with a chance to win! Go and enter at my giveaway post HERE!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Festive Giveaway - Mollie Makes Christmas

Hello lovelies!

It is finally December, the month of happy festiveness! I have decided to celebrate this by doing a little festive giveaway with my Mollie Makes Christmas book which is filled with loads of different festive craft ideas!

All you have to do to get the opportunity to win yourself this lovely book, is to comment on this post and I am happy to deliver to anywhere in the world (so everyone and anyone can join). It is going to be a very short time giveaway as I will be picking the winner on Friday 6th December, so get commenting!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Take Care,

Hazel x


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