Friday, 17 January 2014

All The Pretty Yarns

During the Boxing Day Madness, I spontaneously treated myself to some yarn from Raindrops Yarn. Through her facebook page she had a sale, and I got weak and chose two that I favoured most. They came through the mail during the week, and it is so nice to admire how pretty they are!

Extra Fine Merino Wool DK - Navy & Teal

Extra Fine Merino Wool with Silk/Sparkle DK - Chocolate Mint

I don't often purchase yarn without a purpose, and I am now in the situation I am not sure what to make with these two it has to be something that can be made with this amount of yarn. What would you do with singular skeins/balls/hanks?

I hope you all have a nice weekend,

Hazel x


  1. Wrist warmers? Hat? Cowl? They're lovely, especially the top one. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them

  2. I have just come down with a case of yarn envy, i say handwarmers
    Clare x

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous! I bought a similar bluey shade before, then wished I'd bought more so I could make a big blanket! With just one skein, you're looking at hand warmers, scarf, cowl types, perhaps a small cushion front with matching fabric back? Hmmm, whatever you make, you know it will be beautiful! Chrissie x

  4. They are really beautiful. What about to make fingerless globes?? I love them and I think, that is a nice yarn to make it.

    Have a nice weekend!!

    Lluisa x

  5. Wow they're beautiful! I would go for wristwarmers :) Have a lovely weekend! San x

  6. Ooh that chocolate mint is awesome. Perhaps a scarflette?

  7. I have a one skein book. I'll have a look at it when it gets light outside and see what I can suggest lol. Hugs, Kathryn

  8. How about a cowl or caplet?

  9. Gorgeous yarn - I would make an infinity scarf!

  10. I had a similar skein and made a cushion cover.

  11. Ooo yarn envy! looks lovely Hazel x

  12. I do the same thing, I can't think of a time when I bought yarn for a specific purpose! It's good to have it though because you just never know :-)


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