Friday, 3 January 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 - Introduce Your Blog!

Hello! I was planning to wait until Tuesday for everyone to link their blog posts on my page to share with everyone but I want to run a testing post that allows everyone that is taking part to link their blog and introduce themselves. For those that haven't read my last post, I am taking part in a crochet mood blanket project. The details are on my first post right here

You can choose to do either one square/hexagon/row a day or one a week, I have chosen to make 52 squares as I think one a day would be overwhelming for me. I have done one square but I am going to post about it next Tuesday! I am going to post every Tuesday, so if you want to share your progress every week on your is the place to do it!! Can you please share that people can link their blogs here in your future posts, I would appreciate it very much!


  1. Fab idea, thanks for organising it all!

    Have linked up my blog to this page.


  2. As soon as I saw your Mondays post, I went and found the "Mood Blanket" site and signed up. I meant to get back to you then, but then I was trying to sort out and sign up to Instagram and join the Face Book Group and forgot. So I'm glad you posted about it again today and I have joined your link. Can't wait to see people's progress.
    Sally xxx

  3. Hi Hazel,happy new year! I would love to join in, will have a think of what Im going to do and link up asap :) hope you have a lovely weekend,xxxjuliexxx

  4. This is a great idea, thanks for organize everything <3
    Happy new year!!

    Lluisa xx

  5. I will watch and read from the sidelines. This is a creative meme and what fun it will be, taking pressure off trying to put together a color scheme.

  6. Hi Hazel - this is a good idea - I will add my link as soon as I upload my first photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Hi Hazel! I've added up my blog post for today. :) Thanks for this!

  8. Hi, Great idea and i was looking for a crochet along. I was thinking of doing atleast one a week (hopefully more if i can). How do i link in to this? Im new to this whole crochet along business! I am hoping to do a different patterned square each time too so any advice/tips on where to find nice patterns would be much appreciated!
    Thanks, and good luck with yours! Charlotte


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