Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week 6

Hello! It's Tuesday again, which means I get to show you the progress on my mood blanket again. For those who haven't read about the crochet mood blanket, the details are on my first post right here

Although this week shows you an additional two squares in addition to my weekly mood square, as I decided to crochet granny heart squares to represent a birthday in my family. I have already worked out a layout of where all the birthday squares will go in my blanket, which means my blanket will be 8 x 8 instead of the 7 x 7 like I originally planned.

I didn't want to choose a singular colour for the birthday squares, so I am using my mood on that particular birthday, which means my sister's birthday got a blue heart and my Nana's birthday got a yellow heart. My actual mood square for week 6 is a grey one, this is due to me feeling all bleh as I am currently on night shift at work. I have a funny feeling you will see the red or grey squares whenever I am on nights as that is usually whenever I tend to feel low. As I always do, is list my colours and what they mean as a reminder every week!

Colour Moods
Purple - Happiness
Blue - Calm
Green - Unwell
Yellow- Excited
Orange - Creative
Pink - Loved
Red - Extremely Emotional (Anger/PMS)
Grey - Meh

While I was taking a photograph of my squares, my little sweetie decided to come and say hello. I think she was getting all envious of not getting enough attention he he!


  1. How funny! I was very close to doing hearts for birthdays!! Ha ha! They look fantastic Hazel, I love them!
    Night shifts must be tough :/ I have quite a few with my Pips but in a different way :) hope you don't have too many meh grey days xxx

    1. He he, thank you.....I just wanted to do something special for birthdays to make the blanket a bit more special. Nightshifts are horrible, but there are some good nights at work so hopefully not too many greys :)

  2. You mood blanket is coming along lovely, and I like the idea of birthday weeks as it is a very special to you.

    You little sweetie made little squeaky noises escape from me as she is utterly gorgeous. What a luxurious floofy coat with wise green eyes. She is a real looker.

  3. I really like the hearts, what a nice idea!

    Your cat is beautiful :)

  4. Hearts is a good idea. Coming along nicely.

  5. Over the hearts you've added for birthdays. What a great idea! My kitty always pushes her way onto my knee when I'm crocheting to get attention. She used to sit with me in the evenings and now she feels a bit pushed out I think.

  6. The Birthday Hearts are a very clever touch! Love your cat by the way - she looks so fluffy and cuddly!

  7. The heart looks great! A birthday heart, even better.
    Marianne x

  8. The hearts and lovely and will look really effective in the end. :) Sorry your square was grey this week. x

  9. Oh I love the hearts! Thats a great idea! :)x

  10. What a beautiful idea with the hearts, Hazel! It makes the blanket all the more special...Chrissie x

  11. Oh I absolutely love those hearts, brilliant idea!
    Sorry to hear the way you feel with your night's shift, sending you a bit of calming energy :)

    Lluisa x

  12. I love the hearts - what a gorgeous idea.

  13. Oh, your cat is purr-retty! That fluffy clean fur. I love the heart square!

  14. Your Blanket is coming along beautifully and I love your heart squares. Unfortunately a certain little fluffy Miss had stolen the photo moment. She's gorgeous. :)
    Sally xxx

  15. Looking good! Great bright colours! And your cat is gorgeous!!

  16. Like I have said before this is such a fabulous idea and adding the birthdays is so cool. I really need to make one next year :) x

  17. I have just joined, so I have to hurry along to catch up, but I know I am going to enjoy making my Mood Blanket. The heart squares are such a good idea, please may I include your idea in my squares? No offence taken if you would prefer me not to.
    Pat :)

  18. The heart squares are really cute! Can I ask where you got the pattern? Thanks! :)

  19. I love the idea of using a heart for birthdays, it's like a blanket map of your year :-) Hopefully your nights have come to an end now too :-(


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