Sunday, 23 February 2014

Getting Distracted

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well! I'm here writing this post because lately I have been distracted, and it is my crochet time that has suffered for it.....usually this bothers me but for once I am grateful. Though I  do have a moment of truth to tell you when it comes to my much loved hobby, don't worry it is nothing bad....I apologise for the rambling post.

When I started crocheting back in 2011, it was the most perfect solution to filling up my time since I had become a university graduate, I was in the search for a job and had no money. I feel pretty lucky that it is a hobby that has stuck with me and progressed right through to 2014! I feel even luckier that I have gained all my blog friends and readers too. The truth about crochet is that it is has been my happy distraction through feeling lonely and fed up at times....fills up the little void inside of me, it is what has kept me going through the years. I guess you could say it is almost therapeutic? See I told you I was going to ramble, but I suppose I am in a reflective mood this morning.

However something has changed in this past week, and it has been the best distraction from crochet that I have had since I ever started it. One of my closest friends was generous enough to build a computer for me from spare bits he had in his house, he is like a computer wizard!! You think why would I need a computer when I have a perfectly functioning old laptop? WELL....for the actual moment of truth, he gave me it as a gaming computer. It is so great to have my old hobby back and to be connected back to my friends, and especially my fiancé. You wouldn't think that something like this could have such an impact on your social life, but when yourself and all your friends are gamers. It really does. I feel so connected now, I feel happy. Do you guys understand where I am coming from?

You can see why I am distracted, as I have barely lifted my hook this week since I have been glued to computer games! It means that my crochet will have to be prioritised, since I don't have all of my non-working time to play around with my hook and yarn. Not to worry, its not going to make me any less of a hooker that I am!

This month I have been messing around with my very small stash of Drops Paris yarn, I have been making cup coasters for my living room and above I have a rather psychedelic grandala. I am hoping to make more of these as I want them to be my new dinner placemats, totally in love with it!

This chevron throw is my biggest priority right now as it is for one of my sisters, and I have been crocheting it since the end of December. This week I have been balancing crocheting this blanket and gaming with my friends, so it is still progressing!!!

Well, that is me all rambled out for now. I feel a little better for it.

Hope you all have been having a good weekend!

Take care,

Hazel x

(P.S. I totally love my computer wizard friend to bits right now)


  1. Yep! Totally understand. I have a household of gaming addicts. I spend many an hour looking at gaming pcs that would fit the bill for ALL their needs from 5 to 30! I am not that great at playing(but I will challenge anyone to Super Mario World on the SNES!) but I like watching, whilst I crochet. It is great that you have your old hobby back :)

    1. I am so glad you understand :) I was worried that I was going to sound like a total geek!!

    2. Definitely not a geek, unless we are too lol. We are a gaming household too, but more console based than PC.

    3. We have consoles too Karen but I enjoy PC games a lot I like going on skype with my friends while I am playing!

  2. For doing all that gaming you still have a post full of yummy crochet! I understand what you mean - it's music for me, when I wasn't singing in a choir because of new motherhood, I felt so disconnected, kind of like floating aimlessly about...but joining a chamber choir actually reconnects me even with far-away friends, as we FB about music and rehearsals and concerts, it's fab! A bit like gaming, I think? Chrissie x

    1. That is great to hear Chrissie, and I am glad you understand where I am coming from. I guess everyone has similar feelings about their own particular social hobbies :) Of course I will always have crochet to show off, I love colourful yarn too much to give it up!!

    2. I think there's probably a whole gaming industry waiting to be yarnbombed...wrist/handwarmers to keep snuggly while you type and play...some sort of granny cushion ergonomic mousepad addition...go on, you know you want to! ;-) cx

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Although the gaming bug has never got me, hubby and all three adult children are serious gamers! They all have the most amazing computers (I got one too but I use mine for everything except gaming - LOL).

  4. It's okay to get distracted. Life is about variety. Why not enjoy it? That mandala is wonderful.

  5. I understand totally! I'm not a gamer, but I'm a total IG addict! Last year I was without an iphone for four months and it really got to me! Being a stay at home mum, I value the adult interaction I get there so similar to gaming I reckon!

  6. I love the chevron throw...the detail work is gorgeous in one color!!

  7. I totally understand, I was a serious online gamer for over 5 years and I had built up an amazing community of friends. FFXI was my guilty pleasure and I played every day. But when I started crocheting back in 2013, I found it was time for me to leave that hobby. But I had an amazing 5 years and even now still talk to friends I made.
    I'm glad your back into playing and seeing your friends again, sometimes a break is needed although we might not always see it that way.
    Take care and I hope to see you still about now and again, even if it's just on IG.
    Happy gaming

  8. I am no gamer as I have no time with all my hobbies I do. Yet I know how addictive it is to blog and keep in touch with people that way. A good deal of time goes into that. But I firmly believe you should do what makes you happy in life and you sound very happy about gaming.

    The chevron blanket is soooooooo beautiful!

    I wanted to let you know that I am going to start joining your link up for the Mood blanket now. I finally got around to posting about mine and am loving making it.

    Hugs from Holland,

  9. Hazel , variety is the spice of life. Wow you have been very busy even if you don't feel like you have


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