Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week 11

This is going to be a quick-ish post as I am not long in from work, and just had something to eat. I really want to relax with some crochet and a cuppa right now rather than being on the computer! I know we are quite far ahead but for those who haven't read about the crochet mood blanket, the details are on my first post right here.

This week's square is a lovely bright orange one as I have been feeling really creative again recently, especially with my latest colourful project! I have also been writing a tutorial for a website called Country Baskets for their Ideas Library. I was asked if I would like to make something and write a tutorial for a simple Mother's Day gift/decoration, which I gladly accepted! I am still waiting for it to go live, as I think it is going to be added in with various other craft ideas! 

Back to the mood blanket! To remind everyone, here  is list my colours and what they mean.

Colour Moods
Purple - Happiness
Blue - Calm
Green - Unwell
Yellow- Excited
Orange - Creative
Pink - Loved
Red - Extremely Emotional (Anger/PMS)
Grey - Meh
Hearts - Special occasions/birthdays


  1. Love that orange. Had a quick look at that website - some really cute ideas!

  2. I'm so loving all the colour Hazel
    Clare xx

  3. Ooh! Congrats! Do let us know when your project is up. I love this project. It's so cool how a color picked by mood is creating such a neat and awesome blanket.

  4. Great colour, glad you're feeling the creative vibes! I look forward to hearing more about that tutorial, well done you! Chrissie x


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