Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week 9

Oops! I seemed to have missed week 8, the side effects from being addicted to games he he. Although I think it was a small much needed break from bloggy land. Last week I just had no motivation whatsoever to blog, but I hope you still managed to see other peoples' mood blankets! I have soooooo many blogs to catch up on but I am looking forward to spending this evening reading them with a cuppa tea and some biscuits! I even have other pictures of crochet goodness to show you, but I am keeping that for a blog post later this week!!

As well as not doing my weekly blog post, I am totally a square maybe next week will be another double square show! I do have a long weekend since, which will definitely give me time to catch up on all the crafty love! Any I know we are this far ahead but for those who haven't read about the crochet mood blanket, the details are on my first post right here.

My week 8 square is a happy purple one, although I don't think I was happy for any particular reason except for work possibly being a good day when I made that square. As I always do, is list my colours and what they mean as a reminder every week!

Colour Moods
Purple - Happiness
Blue - Calm
Green - Unwell
Yellow- Excited
Orange - Creative
Pink - Loved
Red - Extremely Emotional (Anger/PMS)
Grey - Meh


  1. It's looking so lovely and colourful
    Clare x

  2. It's really cool how these colors are going well with one another based upon random mood.

  3. I love how it is looking your blanket, the squares with the heart gives it a special touch.

    Lluisa xx

  4. I love how you added heart blocks to your mood blanket. I am doing mine daily instead of weekly but am making really small squares for it. It will be just the right size for a throw to use next year. :)


  5. Oops...I am signed in with my home and garden blog but did add my link to the post.

  6. Beautiful squares Hazel. I think it's good to have a little break from blog land once in a while...makes it even nicer when you come back!
    Marianne x


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