Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Spiderweb Shawl WIP

I am really liking the progress of the spiderweb shawl that I am crocheting, especially after searching for months a shawl pattern/idea that I liked! 

Once I complete this shawl, I am going to make another but in purple as they are for my friend's bridesmaids.

I'm joining in with WIP Wednesday over at Tami's Amis blog (I will edit the link in later as I'm blogging from my phone)

I hope you are having a good week!

Take care,

Hazel x

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Busy Summer

I have been dabbling in lots of things over the summer, so I decided to make a blog post of quick photographs that I took.

 Experimenting with crocheted roses.

Hooking up more of my sister's chevron blanket

Making these lovely ripples for a cushion cover!

 Making more squares for my mood blanket!

I made this lovely cushion for my sister's birthday!

 Trying on a spiderweb cardigan, making for my friend for her Halloween wedding!

 Making more spiderwebs, this is for a spiderweb shawl - it is so much fun!

I have more exciting news that I haven't shared with you yet, and it is partly why I have been distracted...Andy and I are getting married next year! Last month we decided to officially set a date! It is going to be a summer wedding in Ayrshire, as that is where I was born and I have a very big family! It has been so much fun setting things up, and I haven't turned into bridezilla like many people keep asking. 

I just want a simple, happy and lovely day with my best friend that I love to bits without all the fuss and extravagant spending! 

Hope you have been a great summer!

Take care,

Hazel x


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