Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Spiderweb Shawl WIP

I am really liking the progress of the spiderweb shawl that I am crocheting, especially after searching for months a shawl pattern/idea that I liked! 

Once I complete this shawl, I am going to make another but in purple as they are for my friend's bridesmaids.

I'm joining in with WIP Wednesday over at Tami's Amis blog (I will edit the link in later as I'm blogging from my phone)

I hope you are having a good week!

Take care,

Hazel x


  1. It's so effective, and going to be just perfect for the Halloween wedding. Is it a complicated pattern? Xx

  2. It's a really striking motif

  3. Super neat. What a concept. You must show pics or get pics of the bridesmaids in the shawls.

  4. Amazing Idea, can't wait to see them wearing them. Don't forget to get some pics. Jo x

  5. This is awesome! Do you have a pattern, or are you making it up as you go? I'd love to try something like it.


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