Sunday, 27 December 2015

Looking Back On 2015

Hey lovelies I hope you are all keeping well! As you can see I am no longer the avid blogger that I once used to be, but I thought now would be a good time to look back and tell you what has been going on in my life in 2015.

Last time I posted to you I was getting excited about my wedding, and here I am six months happily married! Time goes in so quick!! Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life and one I will always cherish!

We were counting the days to our honeymoon which we decided to plan weeks after we got married, to give us time to settle a bit after the wedding...During this we found out some unexpected news.... 

We got pregnant! We are hopefully expecting a healthy baby girl in April 2016! So we spent our honeymoon knowing that we were going to be parents, it was a wonderful relaxing holiday and my very first time abroad. 

These are all the exciting things that have happened since I last blogged, what a year huh? 

Now it wouldn't be a proper review of my 2015 if I didnt show you all of my finished projects, and there are so many! I love crochet so much! Here they are for the whole year! 

All the blankets.... 

Starting to make baby things....

And lastly, my cushions!

I would say 2015 has been a very fulfilling year! I hope yours was the same. 

Take care, 

Hazel x


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