Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy Bloggy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2016 brings us all a good year!
After my last post I decided that I may no longer be the avid blogger that I used to be in the past, but I figured that I could make a blog that I blog at least once a month. Sounds feasible and realistic doesn't it? So here I am scribbling post number one of 2016, where this year is fresh and unwritten...full of potential!
Ahem! I will stop babbling now and start talking about my favourite thing....crochet! I will start off with my first finished project of the year.

A pastel rainbow blanket for our baby! I started this in October last year and it has been put on the back burner a few times with Christmas projects taking over and other distractions but now it is finished and very cosy looking!

Now onto my WIPs!
I recently had a dig through my yarn stash and found a hibernating project that I started waaaaaay back in 2013 (Not sure if any of you will remember this!).....I thought this would be the year to shake off the cobwebs and complete it. I am going to turn it into a cushion, and I am thinking of sewing a stretchy kind of fabric backing onto it.

I started a new blanket a week ago, it will be a small blanket as I am making it for the baby's pram. I am thinking 5 x 5 square blanket. Still deciding on the colours I want to use, and how random I want the colours to be. I have made all the centres, and I am currently working on the daisy petals. I know our baby is going to be one cosy baby!! As she will have three crochet blankets just from her mama alone!


Now.... You must be wondering why I am showing you a random photograph of yarn stash which has lots of non-Hazel colours in it. I have had this yarn for years, it is cheap stuff that I bought before I considered myself experienced enough to use Stylecraft Special DK, and it has since lain dormant in this storage box. Thanks to some inspiration on Instagram, I am joining in with some stash busting and have decided to turn all of this yarn into cosy little blankets for the cats at the local Cats Protection shelter, which the lady I was in contact with seems to be really happy with! I am hoping to have it all gone by the end of January! Optimistic I am. I suppose you will find out next month if I succeed he he.
I think that is all I have to share with you for the moment!
Take care!!
Hazel x
P.S. For future posts I will try an include photographs that I haven't posted on Instagram, since I know some of you follow me on there and will have seen the photographs already.


  1. I remembered the rainbow flower cushion project, it looks so clever and colourful :)

  2. LOVE the pastel, baby blanket. Your baby will be cuddled up from mama's love. I love what you're going to do with the cheaper yarn for the cats.


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