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I am Hazel! You can consider me addicted to crochet, as I love spending all my time crochet. I find it fascinating that I can turn different bits of yarn into something creative and wonderful, and it feels so relaxing yet productive!

I became interested in crochet in the Summer 2011, after I had graduated from University. I had a lot of time on my hands, and no personal income while I was searching for a job. I found a charity online that welcomed knitted squares called 'Knit A Square' as I used to do basic knitting before I knew how to crochet. On their site was a section where you could crochet a square, this is when I thought to myself...I want to try that!
That is when my adventures of crochet began, and it has taken me a lot of self teaching to get where I am now. I have had my ups and down with crochet when I was learning, and I know there are many more challenges out there for me!

When I am not spending my time crocheting, I am working as a Laboratory Technician at a Food Manufacturing company in the Quality Control department. I work different shifts at my work so sometimes this can have a influence on how much I crochet some days. The rest of my time is devoted to my fiancé Andy and my fluffy cat Jess. I love them both very much and I am glad they are both in my life!

Thank you for popping round to my little blog as I really wouldn't have come this far without the love from you guys!

Hope you all take care,

Hazel x

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  1. Hi, found your blog whilst looking for pompom rugs as I had the bright idea of making one and wondering if anyone else is trying it (have made 25 pompoms so far & counting!!) Love all your projects & very inspirational - thanks for sharing! :)


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